Day 2 //

So we have just had our first lecture about our honours project. Immediately i started panicking, concerned that i didn’t have a solid idea or rationale for my project yet, and i needed to reassure myself that it is just week 1, and that i still have time to figure out what i want to do.

For now i need to focus on what to do next, i know that i would like to incorporate digital sculpture in some way, and I’m immediately drawn towards character design and modelling, I’ve always wanted to model creatures and characters, so that may be the direction i end up heading in.

For questions that i can raise about it, I’ve been concerned that the rise of face scanning for game characters may be something i would be interested in looking at, how does it work? do you still need to change the model manually or is most of the creation done for you? how does it apply to creatures. Could i set up a system that will allow people to control a 3D model of a face, either human or creature, using their own expressions.

That is probably well outside the realm of realistic ideas, but is an interesting thought. It would require a lot of technical knowledge and skills, that i would need to learn on the fly.

Or could i go more down the character and creature design route, how can i create compelling designs that fit into a world, how would that world be created, do i want to involve some elements of environment modelling into the project. Perhaps my project could be to create and model a cohesive world containing monsters and characters, a diorama. Perhaps one that could be explored in virtual reality.

But again it soon balloons out of proportion, and i need to tread the line between achievable and challenging, that still leaves me with my sanity at the end of the year.


Today’s Spit Paint : Powerlines



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