Day 3 //

Today i had a meeting with Lynn to talk about my project and what i want to aim towards.

We talked about what i would see my self doing in 5 years, and if i decide to work in the industry, then the role of character and creature modeller always seemed appealing to me. So i will take that as an aim, and make sure that as part of my world building i do some extra work in characters, specifically the AAA pipeline.

She gave me some names to look up from previous students, Alistair Glenn and Alex Graham both have aspects of their dissertations that i could learn from.

We also talked about dividing up time, and how 60% of the grade is practical, so ~60% of my time should be making things, and the rest can be used to read and reflect, and craft a question that fits in with my practical knowledge.

It was reassuring that in comparison to my last year im already much more prepared, and tackling problems much more head on.

Also found an amazing creature designer called Ken Barthelmey, whos work i have been looking at for the past hour, noticing that he does a lot of concepting in Zbrush.

I’ve also been practising drawing more characterised faces , they’ve always been something I struggled to draw , so the practice is much needed , and I’d like to try make a more exaggerated zbrush face soon. Probably based on the face circled in red.


Todays Spit Paint is “Coming Home”



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