Day 6 + 7 (Weekend) //

This weekend has mostly just been reading about funding for games, ready for my class on monday.

Some of the international examples include: Amaze Berlin, Indie Gameleon Hamburg, Ludicious: Zurich Game Festival, Bit Bash Chicago, Pixel Heaven, Filmteractive, Cross Video Days, Power to the Pixel London, Sheffield Doc Fest, Laval Virtual/Virtual Fantasy student competitions.


• Creativity and originality: we’re looking for games that aren’t simply a rehash of old ideas and well-worn genres, but games that apply insight into design toward new experiences and aesthetics. We want to see games which represent the future of game design, from the young designers and developers who will create that future.

• Audience awareness: we’re looking for games that will reach their intended audiences, however you define them. It might be children under 10, it might be students learning how to code, it might be aficionados of contemporary art, it might be second-language learners, it might be people coping with illness, or it might be e-Sports enthusiasts: the game should understand who its audience is, and be designed accordingly (even if it’s designed to challenge those audiences!)

• Viability and craft: we’re looking for teams who can deliver games that demonstrate a mastery over the craft aspects of game development. We want applications that indicate that a finished, audience-ready game will be completed by the end of the competition.

How to Apply

Government fun games funding, first year of funding this year.

VR Funding


Spit paint today is “Lurking in the depths” Tried to keep it quite simple, heavy inspiration drawn from a creature I’ve seen before online, that had a huge gaping mouth, but i didn’t use the image as reference when painting it. So whilst thematically it was very much lifted from someone else, the process was entirely my own.


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