Day 8 //

Today we had our first group meeting in Professional Practice. My team seems very capable, we have 2 advanced students who are doing a fast track degree, both of whom have worked in the industry and have a broad skill set.

We are going under the working title of “Code: Nil” and had a good chat, got to know each other, then started brainstorming. As a work in progress we have the concept of a VR game in which you play as the ghost of a murder victim, moving around the crime scene to guide the investigator to clues.

Today i have also completed two exceptionally uninspired silhouettes, in between flitting to class and to the gym i got 5 mins to rough out some silhouettes, but i’m honestly disappointing with myself that this is what i came up with. I shall try the process again tomorrow and see where i end up.


Spit Paint Today : Jumping from a Bridge (Copy) Today’s spit paint was a study of another one i saw on the group. It was very striking and i thought i would try to recreate it myself, so this was more of a technical skill test, rather than a conceptual one. Happy with how it turned out, but need to do more original work.


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