Day 10 //

Today wasn’t particularly productive . I finished my spit paint this morning , but wasn’t happy with it and didn’t feel like I learned much from the process . I also spent too long dedicated to trying to fix it , when I should have just moved on .
After yesterday , one thing Brian mentioned might help is to settle and say “this week I am doing” so this week I am doing creature design . I was watching some tutorials on digital tutors , and followed along creating my own creature .

As he explains , and it’s something echoed throughout discussion of creature design, creatures anatomy should be based in reality. One way to achieve this is to start with an existing anatomy .

I knew I wanted to make a predatory creature so I started with a dog.

Then I did some rough sketching to outline some of the changes I wanted to make.

This was the rough silhouette that I settled on , trying to make an aggressive predator , with an elongated hind leg and strange feet.

Then I started building that shape in ZBrush , using that image as a guide, and started to block in the muscle groups.


When i started on the head, i couldn’t get it to look interesting, it just looked like a dog head, and was making the design fall flat a bit. So to make it more interesting i tried a new technique to  silhouette the heads and differentiate the designs a bit more. Using principles from what i have learned about character and creature designs, i knew i wanted it to be quite angular to suggest speed and aggression. The design i ended up liking the most was the bottom left one so i integrated that into the design and will move forward with that.


When i was building the muscle masses i tried to build the muscles from the muscle groups on the dog reference. I extended the tail to try make the creature seem more agile, and wanted to make the front of the creature quite muscular, as if it could spring into action. Once i build the armour plates into the skin it will become more apparent but the storey behind the creature just now, is that it is a territorial pack animal, with a single alpha, similar to wolves, and they decide the pecking order using brute force, headbutting each other and swinging their tusks and horns at  one another.

Lastly ive started to experiment with hard surface modelling again, i didn’t get to put much time into it tonight but i will continue it tomorrow. I started by blocking out the shape of the face, tried to go with a burly military looking type with a strong jaw and neck. then i inserted a sphere and shaped that down to the rough size of a helmet that im going to finish designing and try to include multiple parts of hard surface modelling that i find difficult, such as long strait edges, clean lines and machined parts.





Todays Spit Paint, Panda Heaven



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