Day 12 //


Today wasn’t too productive, i did get to practice some more low poly methods though, got a bit more used to the ZModeller brush, im going to try make a base mesh for a model so i can UV map it , and get the full game pipeline worked in, which can be quite tricky when you use the sculpting phase to figure out the broad strokes of the character rather than just the details.



I also refined the creature sculpt, trying to make the design more unified, so i took the horns off the top and added teeth to round the head out a bit. I ran into a bit of a problem with the body, the new method that i used for the armour plates seems to muck up dynamesh quite hard, meaning its unusable after another dynamesh, so any additional changes i make to the body will need to be relatively minor.




Today’s Spit Paint : Curfew



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