Day 13+14 (Weekend) //

This weekend i have done some preparation for the group project, and have collected mood boards to inspire our direction for our game. We are doing a anthropomorphic detective game (or at least that’s the current direction) so iv’e mashed together a board for character ideas and one for game ideas.





I also tried a new way to make the base part of a head mesh, it didn’t make much difference in the end as i still had to push and pull the model around to make it in proportion, and ended up dynameshing it anyway, so i may as well have started with a sphere as i normally do.


I know that the Low poly mesh will be very important if i aim my project towards games, but even with purely illustrative sculpts, moving the model through to an external renderer needs a low poly base mesh to build UV’s from, so getting to grips with Zremesher is vital.I experimented with it on the sculpt i did last week, using the zremesher brush to paint in some loops for the eyes and mouth. The end result was satisfactory, but not optimal. I could take this mesh into maya or 3Ds Max to optimize it, but i feel like i could tighten it up a lot more in just Zbrush.


I also experimented with the extract function again, starting to build out a helmet from another head model that i made, but the end result was messy and hard to make look sharp, leading me to believe that i have missed a trick somewhere with the hard surface modelling, and i know that its an area i need to improve on. SO next wekk i am going to make a complete Mech/Creature to get to grips with hard surface and remeshing models.





Todays Spit Paint is “Rocky Coast”



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