Day 15 //

Today’s spit paint was frankly pretty horrible . It’s theme was “New comer to a bar” but I tried to merge it with my group project and use it to design a character . And whilst I can see some merit in the design , the excecution was horrible . So bad I didn’t actually show it to any of the group.


Today I tried to refocus my project aim , try to build a more compelling direction by defining my research area, and using other colours to represent areas that I may not make personally , but that may inform my process , or be areas that I can read about and change my ideas by osmosis.

Currently it is leaning towards creature and character modelling in 3D the full art book seems very ambitious and whilst I will continue to develop my 2D skills I don’t feel like those practices will be something I should judge myself on or openly flaunt to potential employees just yet.


I also made a number of quick sketches, just exploring anthropomorphism in characters, playing around with stereo types and drawing in a style i haven’t really done before . So whils none of these sketches are masterpieces they represent a tone for the groupwork.

I have been working on a noir style detective series, one of the group didn’t like the noir idea, wanted to go more youth orientated, but I haven’t had any feed back from the other 2 members yet.

Bear cop, fish bar man, octochef and frog lady.

Rat man

Detective retriever


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