Day 16 //

Today we had an impromptu presentation to do in our class, nothing fancy but we got given 30 mins to decide upon a research aim and talk about what we had done , and what we were planning to do . It ended up being quite a confidence boost , as I could open power point , and drag images across from my blog and in no time I had a reasonable presentation showing my work flow and What I wanted to do next .

They had to give a positive and a negative outcome from the presentation , and the negative was that I made them look bad . As nice as that was it didn’t give me any real feedback , so I added some myself .

  • That it needs more of a sense of direction
  • Needs literature to back it up

I have also borrows a wonderful book from the library about creature design , and have been sketching rough ideas all day.

I’ve been designing a heavy duty creature , one that would be a natural version of a lorry, one that people could put huge amounts of cargo on.

With that in mind I started creating creatures, trying to use a heavy set frame , with strong shoulders and backs , thick legs , but trying to keep it looking docile , like a herbivore or turtle , not something that would turn on its driver.

Below looks a bit predatory.

Above, I like this design.


Todays Spit Paint : Rainy Day



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