Day 17 //

Today I found some useful articles on character creation for games, and also expanded that into reading about facial recognition. I’m not sure how relevant that will be but I have been toying with the idea of making a monster face react to a webcam of a viewer for a while , and would love to try making that happen eventually.

I have also been doing some creature sketches, refining them slightly more than the ones yesterday. I’ve still been trying to create a creature for the transportation of heavy goods, or large amounts of cargo , but have been using a wider variety of inspiration rather than just bovine.

Although saying that, the first sketch is basically a huge cow… 

Really not inspired by that one , was dead in the water as soon as I had put the basic outline down.

This idea I liked far more though, vaguely reminding me of the silt striders from morrowind, with the huge legs designed to carry the cargo over marshes and swamps, keeping it high above the damp fogs and splashes. Definitely worth taking further

I was also a fan of this one, aimed more at an arid desert environment , rocky and uneven, lending itself to a lower centre of gravity and multiple limbs to spread the balance. The multiple different canopies on the back would protect the occupants from the sun, and drapes over the sides could protect it from sand storms. I struggled keeping the face not threatening, especially in the profile view , but that is something I could refine in 3D.
Today’s spit paint was a study of someone else’s, called six arms:

I seem to have been struggling over the past few days so will focus more on tone , rather than colour , and add the colour back in once I can create more convincing scenes.


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