Day 18 //


Today was a very monochromatic day, everything i produced was shades of grey. I learned the valuable lesson that i cant watch a new series on netflix and work at the same time, it just doesn’t work, and i need my days to be more productive than that.

My spit paint today was “Dark Swan” i tried to stick to black and white to put the focus more on the content of the image rather than the colours, i don’t think i’m quite there yet with my digital painting, and adding colour seems to trip me up unless i have something to copy.


Today i finished off the dog sculpt, at least as far as i’m willing to take it. I didn’t add much surface detail, but i know how to do that, the parts that i wanted to learn were posing and form building. And i think it was a moderate success when it came to that. I also leaned a lot of new methods of building harder surface areas, and making parts of the mesh into different poly groups to make hard edges in amongst natural shapes.

I also experimented with posing the model, using masks and transpose master, trying to give the model a more dynamic look. And got back into the swing of using Photoshop to assemble more professional looking renders, though getting key-shot up and going again will be another step.

This is the final model in ZBrush, i sharpened up the details and posed the model, then tried to get a decent perspective to show off areas of detail, like the shoulders and head, but left some of the blanker areas, that just rely on the shapes.


Side shot showing the under armour and the walking pose a bit more.


Above shot to try show the slight tilts that i gave to the pelvis and shoulders. Though looking at it now i could have made it more exaggerated.


For this render i used different layers, SSS, Shading, Shadows, AO, and then overlayed them. Then on top i overlayed a concrete texture, to break up the skin and make it a bit more appealing.



A similar pose from the other side, i also rotated the camera slightly, though i’m not so sure if it was effective, or particularly gauche, but i did find a certain appeal in it. I used a similar concrete texture over the top.






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