Day 19 //

Today i did more character faces, and settled on an old man with exaggerated facial features. I also used the new steps i learned to re mesh the model and build it up from a low base mesh, and projected details from a dynamesh.

Below i have some of the stages building the face, and adding the hat and beard, then a simple render that is just a screenshot of Zbrush


I also added layers of asymetry to the face to make it more real, and give it a bit of character. I didnt spend much time adding detail to the skin, which i may revisit another day, but i did learn how to use surface noise to make the hat appear like cloth without having to do all the details by hand.

I think i’m getting far better at making polished looking sculpts, the renders have  a greater contrast of light and dark than they used to, and the forms are more distinct. They are also less busy, with sections that don’t have that much detail, to make the detailed areas pop more.


Spit paint today is “Rainy Night”



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