Day 20+21 (Weekend) //

This weekend I have been gathering a few journals , and doing some sketches, working on my next creature. 

I did a page in my book where I started out with a variety of different shapes in pencil then blocked in forms and features with pen, quite a few of these were heavily influenced by a book I rented from the library but there’s a lot of nuances to the anatomy that I wouldn’t have been able to think of without seeing something similar first.

I also did a few quick sketches of faces whilst I was being forced to watch X factor, they are rough, loose , and frankly , not great. However it is an improvement over my past faces and it’s something I’m improving nearly every day.

Another one of the creatures that I was making that was meant to carry things. This one is based on a turtle, a huge creature with a rocky carapace, that would blend into the boulders and mountains, mined by people and converted into a natural lorry, with a ladder up the side and a storage space beneath a raised canopy of rock. Coaxed along by a driver, it is a docile animal , grazing on vegetation and shrubs.

Continuing the rocky theme, these creatures are far smaller, trained by handlers to carry goods over long distances, but kept in packs like wolves or huskies. They can curl into a ball , resembling boulders, to ward off predators, but tend to do that when scared , so trainers have to strap metal rods to their backs to stop them curling when they are on a journey.

I also added more detail to the old man sculpt, the hat was causing zbrush to crash , the surface detail was causing odd visual artefacts and it wasn’t acting like it did when I saved the file . That was a relatively simple process however so doing it again will just be good practice. In comparison to last year, my computer is far and away more powerful and it became particularly apparent when I got into the millions of polygons and It didn’t slow down at all.


My spit paint this weekend was Recharge, and is a study with a few alterations of a cyborg I found on google images.



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