Day 22 //

Today’s spit paint is “Waterside” , I was happy with how it worked out, particularly the water, it looks much better than my previous attempts, the hut looks pretty meh, but over all an improvement.

I have 2 different colour palettes on there too, one much cooler , but I like the warmer one a bit more, it’s more monochrome but it gives the sunset look more credibility.

In the groups today we talked about the game idea and really nailed down what we were gonna be doing. For next week me and Neil have to come up with some character ideas, to start developing a style from and build the rest of the visuals around .
Over all today was a lot of reading and spit painting but little progress towards my project, but I am going to sort that tommorow, and plan to make major leaps forward.

Below are some kickstarted projects that were VR and also met their goals, as ideas for stretch targets and donation rewards.




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