Day 23//

Formal Critique//

Star Gazer, by Ian Joyner


The final piece is a render of a 3D model. Its a creature that has protruding eyes on stalks , sticking out from the head beside a large wide mouth , with small sharp teeth sticking out. All of this is beneath a sharp horn on the top of the head. The creatures skin is wrinkled and wet looking, with drool pooling around the corners of the mouth. The body of the creature is lizard esque, with long legs like a lizard, and a thick tail to help it balance.


The model was made in Zbrush, then posed and rendered, compositing the renders in photoshop afterwards. The texturing and colouring was done in Zbrush, as a polypaint.


i can see the animals influences with the anatomy, the mouth is like a fish, the head and eyes remind me of a snail , and the horn is similar to a rhino. Likewise the skin is loose and tough looking, implying the creature uses its horn to fight, both for mating but also for hunting.


The over all shape is bizarre, seeming both dangerous, but clumsy and inept, making the horn seem less useful. Though something i definitely wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night, I’m not sure that all of the elements fit together. However the field requires some suspension of disbelief and the presentation is professional and detailed, giving it a credibility and realism that overrides the small discrepancies in the anatomical correctness.



The image is a greyscale render of a creature, against a black background. The animal is loosely dog like , and has sharp talons on its feet. Its heavily muscled and has a long winding tail behind it. The head is armoured, with a bone like structure over its nose, and armour plates extruding from the side of the head.


The model was made in zbrush, sculpted and posed, then rendered. The image was then composited in Photoshop, layering the shadows and floor over one another to place it in a world. The texturing was done in photoshop as a quick and dirty method to finalise the image, and break up some of the skin texture.


The animal influence is very clear with this model, mostly down to me beginning the process by drawing over dog muscular anatomy. The head was designed with bashing and mating fights in mind, as a defensive and an offensive tool. So it has practicality in its mind. The claws were also made to be offensive, giving it an apex predator look to it, but due to its stature and the size of its head, it is places somewhere about the size of a wolf. Though in reality such creatures may hunt alone, living a solitary life, or in small families, like a leopard.


The creature is believable but unremarkable, doesn’t break enough of the anatomy of the base creature to significantly differentiate itself and give it visual interest. It is also lacking in colour, making it look unprofessional, and the the lack of a background makes it look unfinished and amateur. Despite the relative fidelity of the model, it is overshadowed by a lack of focus, and context. The composition is also bizarre, messing with the perceived proportions.However it is posed dynamically, showing giving (however limited) a sense of movement.

Today’s spit paint was “Lost Dinosaur”


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