Day 24 //

Today was really busy, I had a meeting with Ryan at 11, a doctors appointment at 3 and a Japanese class in the evening so I was in and out the house like a yo yo.

That made today feel particularly unproductive, and I didn’t get much done towards my project today.

The meeting with Ryan was helpful and motivating . He gave me a different way to look at the academic side of the dissertation, treat it as if was a journalist , and go and report about creature designs, analyse them, find out why they are the way they are and what decisions went into their creation.

He said that he hought the idea was interesting and that creature design is great fun and that it has to stay that way. He also said that the work flow that I was showing in my work was really important, the test pieces and silhouettes, and the tenders were all valuable stepping stones.

He gave me things to consider as well, look into how environments can shape the evolution of the creatures, what they do to eat, how they communicate, build in all those details and it will lend it credibility . The side of it that becomes more technical is dependant on the final medium, games or films or art , and each has a slightly different process, but the part that is the most important conceptiallly is making the creatures believable and cool.

So I’m going to look into the effects environments have on evolution, how they change the functions of the body, and how to accurately portray those differences. I’m also going to look at existing designs, and artists, analyse them and pick apart their process and try to extrapolate a frame work of questions to ask that can build a basic set of anatomy based on certain criteria.

Off the top of my head these include


Food source


Social structure

This face was drawn during my Japanese class, and whilst only a quick sketch really drove home the increase in my drawing skills over the past few months, it has a believable but simple structure and in a couple minuites I created a convincing face that could have taken me 3x as long a couple months ago.

Today’s spit paint is “Alien Merchant” its a study of another users painting



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