Day 26 // Rock anatomy shift and Character mood boards


Today i added more detail to the rock creature, defining the plates more, and shaping the legs and face. However i started thinking about its function, how it would curl up, and didn’t think its current shape would curl very well, the body is too long and the plates end up too  long and flat, but i wanted to check. So i did a quick and dirty mock up of it curling, and wasn’t happy with how it worked out, it ended up very angular, not at all like a rock, and wouldn’t be able to sit upright . However i do like how the arms form an additional plate.




As a result i curved the body more, similar to a cray fish, and looked at an armadillo as reference. I may end up arching the back even further, closer to an armadillo, as it may make it seem more viable as a load bearer. Right now i really like the design itself , but with the raised back its looking less like a load bearer.

I may end up making it into a sled puller, or a pack of them could pull a wagon like huskies. Still with the rods on the back to stop them curling though, i want to show the corruption of their natural form, by their industrial job.

I’m going to experiment with making the armour plates into separate sub tools, so i can easily see how they rotate, and so that if they were ever rigged for animation or a game it would be easy to make them move without complicated skinning.






I have another reference sheet, more in line with the visual style i think my team works, and over the weekend will work on designs for the main character.

Character Ideas 2.jpg



Today’s Spit Paint is Centipede. I think i’m getting at doing grand scale creatures, having the perspective of the floor is vitally important, i also managed to highlight the body quite well, and quickly, and ended up with a decent effect even though i just used the hard and soft round brushes. I also like the composition, contrasting the dark shadow below , and the foreground, and the light in the top side. The shape of the centipede also leads the eye down to the horsemen.




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