Analysis – Marek Madej

Marek Madej is  a concept artist working at CD Projekt Red, and is responsible for numerous designs of creatures in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I have chosen to analyse him because he is a industry professional, working for a well respected company and on a title that has begun to define the genre of open world fantasy games.

His Creatures are all well realised with believable anatomy, and a focus on nature and how they fit into the environment. They are also dynamically posed, showing the creature with some character and pazzaz.



This creature is a biped/quadruped , you can tell by the pose that it can move on two or four legs.

The face is very aggressive, with large exposed fangs, downward eye brows and huge spiked antlers covering the head.

There is some very familiar anatomy, the antlers are instantly reminiscent of a deer, and the ears match that. The legs are more feline to make them seem stronger and more agressive, and the huge strong shoulders.



Ice Giant

The ice giant is a product of its environment, the colours are cold and they are wearing multiple layers meaning that you can immediately tell it is from a cold environment.

The pose is less dynamic but isn’t just an A pose, giving a sense of depth.

The anatomy here is very familiar, largely human but with the proportions and positions moved around. The thick shoulders are there again to show strength, as well as smaller head and feet to emphasise the bulk of the torso.

The medallions, shields and bones  adorning the creature tell a story of past battles and confrontations, as well as it has some semblance of humanity as it chooses to wear clothes and dress in a tribalistic way.


Nightmare Walk

This is more of a mood setting piece than concepts of creature, but it shows a huge hulking beast with antlers.

The strength of it is made apparent by the large shoulders, and the general human proportions suggest some rudimentary intelligence.

The colour palette and rough edges on the creature signify its belonging to the environment, and the use of antlers, that have an instant recognition with forests, put this creature in its environment. If it was in a desert would it have them ? would you think it belonged.



The noon wraith is a more haunting creature, less about pure strength or animalistic ferocity.

This is achieved through the exploitation of the uncanny valley. The forms are near identical to a human woman, but it is gaunt, and the lower face has been replaces by a ragged hole with a huge tongue spilling out.

The colour palette is very earthy, giving it a sense that it could be alive, but without any of the warmth that humans usually have in their palour, making it an effective parody of life.


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