Day 30 // Creature Sketches and Discussion.

Today we had a lecture on the research methods and schools of thought that we could draw on which was quite dry but useful. Then a very encouraging session with Ryan who told us about project organisation. The main take away from that is get a calendar, on the wall, and mark all the important dates in it.

In our session in the afternoon we split into like minded groups and spoke about what we were doing, what we had researched and showed a bit of our work, I found it very helpful and got some good ideas where to look next and feel like I gave some good ideas as well.

Sketches from Today

These are the creature sketches I did today . Moving on with the invertebrate theme , and sticking with the defence mechanism like an armadillo or turtle , I was throwing ideas around for a spider crab like animal, that has a hard exoskeleton , similar to a hermit crab, that feeds on the debris in deep sea heat vents. 

The legs protrude from small holes in the surface, along with the snail like eyes , all able to retreat inside the shell in case of predators, or to sleep. I tried to imagine what it would look like inside, making sure to give the legs enough room to sit inside. I also wanted to connect the shell to the body some how so that it would grow with it, rather than being discarded or she’d like snake skin.

Over all I like the design but the ball shape is rather simple. I’m not sure if that’s a positive or a negative , it would be aerodynamic for standing in the hot air streams, and would dissipate heat well, and the surface can be broken up by barnacles , but it could be seen as uninspired , and I think I can iterate on the design further to improve it.


These creatures are both amphibians, the topmost being very clearly a frog, but has eyes like that of a chameleon , maybe making it some kind of hybrid between the two. Something with the potent mobility of a frog and the camouflage of a chameleon , with the already strong tongues of both would be a formidable predator for insects. 

The lower creature is a tad pole / eel like animal, with webbed feet to enable it to swim and crawl onto land. Though not fully mobile on land with no back legs, it could still dash over short distances and the wide set front facing eyes would give it excellent depth perception. The sharp irregular teeth imply that they are used to bite at speed, dashing in and out tearing chunks of its prey off each time. 



DVD’s from Library

 I rented these titles to watch over the week, hopefully they will inform my practice and make it more professionall.


Things/Artists to look into 

Teryll Whitlash

Conditional Design

Dynamic Anatomy

Until Dawn Making Of

Todays Spit paint is “Front Line”

Front Line.jpg


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