Analysis – Bryan Wynia

Bryan Wynia is a Senior Character Artist at ID software


Scolopendra Coleptrata

This is a very believable creature, it uses anatomy from existing insects to make it grounded in reality, but also creates intrigue by repeating some of it to absurdity.

The scale of the insect is emphasised by the strong depth of field, giving the impression it is small.

The colour palette is very bright, but reminiscent of nature.

The form is similar to that of a praying mantis attached to the body of a centipede, retaining its long legs, but losing its aggressive claw like arms.



Sprite for Maleficent

This was a concept for the Sprites in Maleficent.

Its anatomy makes sense, but it has unnaturally small biceps considering how strong the forearms and hands appear to be, as well as the strong shoulders.

This was probably done to emphasise that it is strong for its size, but it is still small.

The larger head and ears also lead into the belief that the creature is smaller, as children (both human and animal) have larger heads when they are young.




The urso pod draws a lot of its anatomy from a bear. He goes over the design choices in “Creative Essence: Creatures” and explains that he merged the anatomy of a bear with the head of a lizard, taking away the fur and toughening the skin to make it imposing and slightly scary.



Vampire Grunt


The vampire grunt is aimed straight at the horror market, it has large sharp fangs, dark skin tones suiting it to the shadows, and a large fleshy nose designed to both be functional but also disturbing. The general angular nature of the creature makes it imposing and aggressive.


The mood in the final image is emphasised by the strong lighting on the model that quickly fades away, leaving the edges of the image in darkness. The fog also creates an unnatural atmosphere.



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