Day 31 // Splitting Rock into Subtools

Todays Spitpaint is “Spiders Silk” It is showing an improvement in my ability to add detail to images, though it is purely a value drawing, so the addition of colour didn’t need to take up time in my 30 minutes.



Today i also split the rock creature into seperate sub tools, i feel that this will help to stop distortions in the mesh when i curl it up, in areas that shouldnt be moving at all, so now i can just rotate the parts rather than have to resculpt detail.

it doesnt add much to the visuals of the model but took quite a while to do as i needed to fill each of them in and sculpt the back faces to work around the new body shape.

I also added detail to the eyes, opting for the more spider like design that will make it seem like less of a predator than having two front facing eyes.



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