Day 32 // Remeshing and Sketching 

Today’s spitpaint is Shield Bearer:

Shield Bearer.jpg

With the rock creature today , I started adding finer details into the model after I re meshed it. I’m starting to fall out of love with the over all concept , not seeing how it will come together , but I think once I add the boxes onto it’s back and give it more of a purpose it will become clearer.
The face after some initial blocking out, I will add the eyes individually tommorow.

After splitting the shell into different sub tools I could more easily rotate them to check how it would curl. It still seems slightly off but is far less jagged than it was.

The re meshed topology, giving a far better base for sculpting than the dyna mesh.

Combining lizard influnces with hammer head shark styled eyes, seems to be a very popular alignment of facial features in creature concepts.
A mechanoid, with rivets and grills over the head, trying to integrate mechanical parts with biological shoulders
Mimicking a posture that i have seen a lot in other peoples designs, shoulders pushed back and chest jutting out with long legs to play with expectations of proportion.
Playing with the same kind of posture as above, but taking the upper body in a different direction, giving it a snake like head with arachnid eyes and antlers . I feel that it is quite striking and is one i will experiment more with.
Crab sketch from the bottom of the page.
Gorrila like body with a bizzare head. was happy with the individual elements but they didnt mesh well and the proportions ended up being off.

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