Day 33 // Finishing the Rock Bug, and Sketching.

Today’s Spit paint is : Hydra

I tried to take the composition from the Six Arms image i did previously, and the scale of the centipede image, it was a moderate success but falls very flat, is by no means an image i am proud of. But for using no reference(Bad) and spending most of the time watching videos rather than painting, i think the result is miles better than i would have achieved a month ago.


This is the final model, i am happy with the results, i think i managed to alleviate a lot of the concerns over the anatomy throughout the process, making it much more arched, and wider to make it more suitable as a pack animal.


Using this marvellous method i added a net to the top to hold the cargo, i think i could have used a wider net to allow for more visual interest seeing the different layers of boxes inside, but as a first lesson it was a valuable experience.

5 - Net Creation.PNG

6 - Net Test.PNG

This is the low poly mesh of the bug creature. This is by no means a well optimised model, the backs of the armour plates, are just about as dense as the sides that you will see, and the body is necessarily complex, especially the forearms, but it is just a Zremesh with minimal effort put into the topology.

I’ve also been messing around with the render process, taking all of the layers from the Z Brush render and adding them to Photoshop to composite them. I didn’t need to use a photo texture this time because i put the time into actually texture the model.


test PNG.png

Today i also watched this DVD, Neville Page gave an excellent insight into creature design processes and i have taken some quotes that i thought were particularly poignant.

“Dont get too committed”

“Be able to understand lighting just well enough”

“The most important skill is basic shapes” (Referring to being able to render them)

“The most important thing of all is the Narrative Aspect”

“If it has no soul, then quite frankly you’ve polished a turd”

Also the idea of saving iterations of your work, duplicating the layers and keeping the old ones so that you can show the process more easily to employers or art directors rather than just having the one that YOU thought was best.

He also explained a way to concept creatures in ZBrush using a plane and polypaint on top of it. It lets you build up the shapes and forms of the creature using symmetry in a way that Photoshop doesn’t let you do. It also lets you start on a very low resolution so you are forced not to go into detail until you know the silhouette of the design will work.

The DVD also explained a lot about lighting, and how when you are concepting it is easiest to treat the lights very simply. Use yourself as the light source, it will let you build depth and form without making you think too much about complex lighting situations. Then after you do that you can add rim lighting into the sides to compliment it and make it seem more polished.


I also used some of the methods from the DVD in my sketches this evening, in this instance what he said about letting the forms take control. I didnt know what i wanted to make when i started these sketches but i knew i wanted them to be bipedal, so i just experimented with the shapes.

Im a fan of this one in particular, but think it needs refining. The legs dont quite match up, they are too human, but i like the torso and head combination.


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