Day 36 + 37 + 38 // Presentation and Feedback

Ive spent the last few days working on / practising my presentation, and then as i had the weekend working solid, i took Wednesday as a bit of a break.

The presentation went well, i didn’t get as much rehearsal in as i would have liked, so i didn’t say things as eloquently as i perhaps could have. But i think i showed off a very wide selection of work, even if i didn’t portray my research very well.

They thought it was an interesting topic, and a good example of a practice based research project, but both had concerns on the research side. They said that the word “Believable” is a tricky one, and i need to define it, and that “Realism” is also a very big area.

This is something i have started to investigate but whist i have done more than perhaps Lynn and Brian thought, i still need to do more. They also thought that defining a subject area, either games or film, would give me a better time of defining criteria for my designs, so i think the time is coming where i will have to decide.

The big difference is that games sense of believability is in its function, and whether its design makes sense in the context; where as the purpose for films is more environmental, the evolution, the available food, the life cycle.


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