Day 42 // Week 7 Presentation


Today i had a presentation, a return to the days of pitch and crit.

It was good fun, i gave some constructive feedback on other peoples projects, and got some decent feedback on mine. The other 4th years weren’t as well prepared, they both only had a couple sketches to show between them, so i felt a bit guilty to go up with a presentation, but i cant say it didn’t feel pretty good.

I gave some good advice to the others, and felt that i gave good advice, and tried to take part in the discussion for every person. Considering that the other people didn’t participate i spoke just about as much as David.

By talking about it more i have started to realise that the real crux of my topic is exploring how believable creatures are made and how necessary realism is.



I have also been doing more sketching, trying to experiment with the head that i like from my GIFS


Spitpaint today is Class Distruption




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