Day 44 // Group Work, Sketching and a Good Spit Paint

Today was a return to my more productive ways , after nearly a week of very little being done I managed to kick myself back into gear.

I got an email through last night saying that i got Ryan as my supervisor, so im pretty chuffed about that, but i do need to get my proposal sorted for next week so that will be in the burner all weekend.

Todays spitpaint is “Glitch” i chose to do a scene from The Matrix, as it was the first thing that popped into my head, and i know that culture references always go down well on the facebook page.

I think my skills have got significantly better over the past months and im excited to see where they are by the end of the year too.


This was one of the first ones that i actually submitted to the facebook group and it got amazing feedback, even if it doesnt hold a candle to the skill of some of the other artists, it had the theme, and the comments were all repeating each other as if the matrix was breaking down. And over 110 likes is fantastic.


I also got a few variations of the sloth design down, im reasonable happy with how theyve turned out, but i still think they should be better by a long shot. But it is what it is, ive never done this style before and its a massive learning curve.




I also started work on this sculpt of the head that i liked the most from my earlier experiments, im not sure where it will go , or if its just an exploratory bust, but its fun so far.


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