Ink Drawings

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This was a new creative method, using ink to generate silhouettes and forms, that allowed me to create shapes that i wouldn’t necessarily have thought of on my own. I then drew over the top with tip ex pen and built highlights.

It was a very fun, and quick, method for making a huge amount of potential designs, but a lot of them were quite bad and unusable. With more practice i think this could become a vital part of my creative process. Towards the end i also watered down the ink more to allow for more tonal development.

After i made the ink drawings i took the ones i liked the most and turned them into full sketches. trying to consider different creation methods as i went.

img_2286 IMG_2304.jpg

This ended up looking like a creature made with a design matrix, pulling different parts of anatomy from different animals. Snake or crocodile tail, ant body with influence in the legs, and a crocodiles head. I like the shape but it seems disjointed, with some work the result could flow better and make more anatomical sense.




This is the design that i like the most, not because its most polished but because of the narrative aspect that I’ve explored with it. The spines on the back are supposed to be a coral esque method of breathing, that as the creature gets older it gets larger and larger to support its huge size, and the posture changes, the arms getting bigger and heavier and the back wider.




In this piece the head was made by folding the paper to get a symmetrical head, mimicking nature. Then the rest of the body was based on a moose, a strong and imposing creature. I thought that would fit because the ears are similar to elephants, fitting the frame.img_2271




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