Examples of Presentation – Ken Barthelmey

Fantastic presentation for this creature simply called “smoker” by Ken Barthelmey.

The render is very high quality, the skin is heavily detailed, with wrinkles over the elbows pulling the skin tight and veins under the surface prominently displayed. These are images taken from a tutorial sold on Ken Bartholemys website. In the tutorial he has videos detailing the sculpting and rendering process which has been invaluable for informing my pipeline.

Much of the surface detail came during the rendering process, overlaying photographs over the skin to add detail, using hairless chimpanzees for the texture. The way the model is incorporated into its environment is also shown, with the small section that he is sat on being merged into the photograph behind by manipulating the image, a clever technique that i want to try out.

The Muscle layout is similar to human, but with more emphasis on the abdomen and the back and neck muscles emphasised.021smoker


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