Adjusting and detailing

Birdo 2 - 10 - MenuJPGBirdo 2 - 10 - MergedJPGBirdo 2 - 10 - Unwrap[[ing 2 JPG

UV Seams (Initially unsatisfactory, seams over areas of the face, some unnavoidable as different UV islands.

Birdo 2 - 10 - Unwrap[[ingJPG

Control Painting for seams

Zremeshing Loop

Control lines for ZRemeshing

Birdo 3 -1


Birdo 3 -2 Better Unwrap

More suitable, still could do with UV mapping in an external program but would be exceptionally time consuming.

Birdo 3 -Density

Control Painting for UV density, Head larger, wings smaller

Birdo 3 FlatJPG

Testing the wing, needed to be deeper so future models have a longer wing.

Birdo 3 Foot

Foot Anatomy

Birdo 3

Foot remeshed

Birdo 3 UV MAp


UV map, could be better but is suitable for the task at hand.

Birdo 3 Retopo

Fully retopo’d model, 56K

Birdo 3 PosingJPG

Birdo 3 HD Geometry 2 JPG

Using HD Geometry to add more detail than i could with standard Subdivs

Birdo 3 Posed


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