Adjusting and detailing

UV Seams (Initially unsatisfactory, seams over areas of the face, some unnavoidable as different UV islands. Control Painting for seams … More

Day 22 //

Today’s spit paint is “Waterside” , I was happy with how it worked out, particularly the water, it looks much … More

Day 20+21 (Weekend) //

 This weekend I have been gathering a few journals , and doing some sketches, working on my next creature.  … More

Day 19 //

Today i did more character faces, and settled on an old man with exaggerated facial features. I also used the … More

Day 18 //

  Today was a very monochromatic day, everything i produced was shades of grey. I learned the valuable lesson that … More

Day 17 //

Today I found some useful articles on character creation for games, and also expanded that into reading about facial recognition. … More